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Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Over 2,300 businesses in the US alone use bitcoin and other digital assets for transactional, operational, and investments purposes.

It is no wonder that many individuals and businesses jump on the opportunities cryptocurrencies offer. One of such crypto opportunities is creating your own exchange platform with a cryptocurrency exchange script.

What is a cryptocurrency exchange script? Why do you need your cryptocurrency exchange script? This article will take you by the hand and help you through this business journey.

Do You Know What Is Cryptocurrency Exchange?

Cryptocurrency Exchange refers to a trading platform where crypto traders buy and sell cryptocurrencies and other digital assets.

So, think of a cryptocurrency exchange as a middleman between two business parties. The buyer and the seller have to go through this platform for an exchange or transaction.

So what are the types of cryptocurrency exchanges available?

Types Of Cryptocurrency Exchange

Here are the types of cryptocurrency exchange you need to know

Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange (CEX)

As the name implies, a Centralized exchange has a central authority that controls the transaction.

So, traders deposit their funds into the platform, and then the central authority (admin) kicks off the transaction process.

Softwares like Coinbase, Gemini, Bitfinex, and Kraken use this model.

Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange (DEX)

Unlike CEX, the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange allows crypto sellers and buyers to trade without a middle or third party controlling the funds or initiating the process.

Uniswap, Pancakeswap, Cosmos, Etherdelta, and Airswap use this model. This is a fast preferred means of exchange with the onset of peer-to-peer transactions.

Hybrid Cryptocurrency Exchange (HEX)

This form of exchange incorporates the advantages of Centralized Exchange and Decentralised exchange to form a platform that gives better features.

So this means faster, more secure transactions with no third parties involved. Examples of these platforms are Stoxum, Nash, and Qurrex exchange.

Peer to Peer Cryptocurrency Exchange (P2P)

This is a form of DEX that allows its users to carry out transactions directly with each other without third parties.

Anyone who trades on the site uses the specified rate. Here, the admin makes a profit from every successful trade.

What Is A Cryptocurrency Exchange Script?

A cryptocurrency exchange script is an advanced, already prepared website trading script built to allow you to establish your cryptocurrency exchange platform in the shortest time.

With a cryptocurrency exchange script, you get access to:

  • easily customizable interface design
  • top-level security
  • ready-made white label solutions
  • advanced technology stack, among others.

These features are built to help you run your crypto exchange smoothly.

With this information on cryptocurrency exchange scripts and platforms, why do you need your own cryptocurrency exchange script?

Get Your Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

You intend to deploy your cryptocurrency exchange platform for your business.

Before now, you would need to find a designer to create the interface you desire. Then find a developer to build your dream platform from scratch and test it to ensure it’s good enough for use.

This process and others could take 9months, to say the least, and cost over 100,000 dollars depending on what you want.

But now, a white-label cryptocurrency exchange script provides you with the cryptocurrency exchange software you need to start your platform quickly without high costs.

Why choose a white label cryptocurrency exchange script

  • Easy Branding

You get a cost-effective and easy branded exchange platform with exchange software. You get 100% source code and documentation that can be used to build your platform based on your needs and preferences.

Multiple currency support helps your users trade with crypto and fiat currencies. Easy access to preferred liquidity providers that make your order book busy instantly.

  • Advanced Features

Exchange software incorporates built-in Know your customer (KYC) features. This helps you moderate granting users trading access on your platform.

Additionally, Multilingual support helps you build a top-tier exchange platform that is all-inclusive.

As a business owner, you want to build that exchange platform that aligns with your goals and offers the same to your customers.

Purchase your cryptocurrency exchange script here and watch your dream platform actualize while you focus on marketing.