Five Ways Blockchain Technology Can Improve Your Business

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If your company has been searching for a way to become more efficient and more profitable, you need to look no further than blockchain technology. This remarkable tool can help to change and improve your organization in a number of ways, such as:

Streamline Payments

Fees are like death by a thousand cuts for businesses that accept credit cards or have suppliers or customers in foreign jurisdictions. But blockchain-based cryptocurrencies are peer-to-peer, so there’s no bank or other middlemen to pay. And since all transactions are synced to the blockchain, you don’t have to wait for processing or verification. You get your money almost instantly at low or no additional cost.

Manage Your Supply Chain

Tracking numbers have been around for a while, but you can put more than packages on a blockchain. Everything from real-time coordinates of containers, to items’ weight or size, to properties like organic or fair trade can be added to a blockchain and monitored from anywhere in the world. And unlike traditional asset management systems that can be adulterated, a blockchain is immutable. Once the info is added, it’s there forever.

Verify Candidates

Job candidates often inflate their education and experience, and your HR department has to spend time interviewing to tease out the truth. If everyone’s credentials were loaded onto an immutable blockchain, it would dramatically streamline the hiring process. Blockchain would also make it more difficult for a reference to provide inaccurate historical information about a candidate.

Share Better

A blockchain is a distributed ledger, which is simply a set of records verified by decentralized “witnesses” instead of a central administrator. This is the big difference between blockchain and cloud-based applications. While both sync in real-time and enable collaboration from anywhere, cloud data is centralized on the provider’s server. Blockchain data is stored across a decentralized network of computers, which means your access is resistant to outages as well as changes in provider policies.

Protect Company and User Data

Decentralization can also be a boon to your cybersecurity efforts. If the recent breaches at Equifax, Facebook, and others have taught the world anything, it’s that no one source should be trusted to keep sensitive data secure. Blockchain technology allows you to store user data, transaction histories, and company work products in a decentralized way. This makes your personal information much harder to hack.

In Closing

Blockchain technology is the future. By integrating it into your company, you can ensure that you and your team continue to reap the many benefits that it provides.